Rita Chiurri

Rita Chiurri took a fall on the concrete, which left her with multiple abrasions and bleeding in the area around her brain.


The bleeding led to a stroke, and on May 31, 2019, Chiurri came to Life Care Center of Leominster, Massachusetts, needing some assistance with her daily activities, walking and transfers from one surface to another. She was unable to manage stairs.


Physical and occupational therapists started working with Chiurri six days a week to regain her strength and endurance, as well as her balance. Using a stationary bicycle helped, as well as practicing the self-care tasks she would need to do at home.


“It was a nice experience,” Chiurri said of her time at Life Care. “The whole facility was nice and friendly, and the rehab department worked very hard to get me home.”


Pam Walls, director of rehab, shared, “Rita was highly motivated and completed all tasks asked of her to her highest ability. She was a pleasure to work with.”


Chiurri completed her rehabilitation on June 10. She is now independent in her mobility and activities of daily living, and she is able to manage one flight of stairs.