Left to right: William Gardner; Joyce Smart; Pam Walls, director of rehab; Anita Chuirri; and Jessica Belliveau, certified nursing assistant

On July 10, 2019, Life Care Center of Leominster, Massachusetts, welcomed 10 former rehab patients back for a reunion.


The therapy graduates enjoyed catching up with several of their therapists: Pamela Walls, director of rehab, as well as physical therapists Sam Hutt and Luanne Champagne. The therapists were glad to hear about their former patients’ progress, and several members of the nursing staff also dropped by to say hi.


For an extra-sweet experience, the facility also provided ice cream sundaes for the honored guests.


Several of the attendees shared what the rehab experience at the center meant to them:


Anita Churri: “It was a nice experience. The staff are all great. The rehab department worked very hard to get me home. The whole facility was nice and friendly.”


Joyce Smart: “I love them all, every one of them (the therapists). Luanne got me up and moving, just like the Army. Fantastic service, could not ask for better.”


William Gardner: “If I had to rate this place, I would give it above a 10!”