Left to right: Suzanne Monteiro, physical therapist assistant; Andrea Mansour, occupational therapist assistant; Deborah Mullen; and Samantha Hutt, PTA

After dealing with respiratory failure and sepsis, Deborah Mullen was very weak.


Mullen came to Life Care Center of Leominster, Massachusetts, for rehabilitation on Sept. 12, 2019. When she arrived, she was unable to walk and needed extensive assistance for standing, getting in and out of bed, bathing and getting dressed. She even needed help to roll over in bed.


Determined to return to her active lifestyle, Mullen took part in physical and occupational therapies six days a week.


“Every day, she was willing to push a little more toward her goal of home, even if she was unsure of herself,” said Samantha Hutt, physical therapist assistant.


The rehab team taught Mullen exercises and worked with her on recovering strength, endurance and balance, as well as her self-care skills.


“Sam put me to work on day one, and now I am going home able to walk and care for myself,” said Mullen. “The rehab team gave me great care and helped me to be myself again. I will be forever grateful to them.”


Mullen went home on Oct. 7.