“My therapy was successful – it got me where I am.”

A stroke left Anna Lucier mostly unable to move, but the team at Life Care Center of Leominster, Massachusetts, was able to change that.


When Lucier arrived at the facility on June 4, 2019, she was dependent on others for her mobility and most of her self-care. Her thinking skills were impacted, and she had difficulty swallowing as well and was on a mechanical soft diet, eating foods the consistency of cooked vegetables and scrambled eggs.


While speech therapists addressed her cognition and taught her oral-motor strengthening exercises for swallowing, occupational therapists worked with her on her self-care skills like bathing, dressing and grooming. Physical therapists focused on strengthening and, as she was able to stand again, on walking. Therapists used electrical stimulation to help condition her muscles and neuromuscular reeducation to aid in her body’s ability to obey her commands.


“Anna’s motivation made her rehab successful,” said Samantha Hutt, physical therapist assistant.


Lucier can now swallow well and eat regular textures again. She can walk for 30 feet with minimal assistance and needs minimal assistance with her activities of daily living. She went home with family on Sept. 11.


“My therapy was successful – it got me where I am,” said Lucier.